Fragrance Descriptions

  • Gardenia: This lush, strong white flower offers a distinctive and exotic perfume
  • Honeysuckle: Think true fresh honeysuckle growing wild on the tree, succulent and sweet
  • Jasmine: A bright, oriental and somewhat mysterious floral
  • Lavender: Refined yet simple, with an unmistakable, powerful fragrance all its own.
  • Tobacco & Bourbon: A warm fragrance that has a sweet kick from the rich pipe tobacco notes!
  • Whiskey & Leather: A blend of smooth whiskey with rich oak scents of honey and leather.
  • Grapevine & Oak: A unique blend of grape, lively citrus and earthy, woody oak
  • Wine & Roses: The sweet, rich aroma of red wine blends beautifully with the floral elegance of soft rose petals
  • Sweet Melon: Succulent melon, ripe pineapple and a hint of orange mix with light jasmine notes and a touch of vanilla turning this fruity fusion into a delicious cocktail!
  • Very Vanilla: Sweet, creamy pure vanilla with a buttery top note
  • Pomegranate: Sweet exotic fruit with mild floral notes
  • Blackberry Sage: Sweet, plump berries meet herbal and earthy sage
  • Pawley's Island: A summertime blend that brings the beach to you. Reminiscent of Coppertone Suntan lotion.
  • Island Colada: Fresh cut pineapple come alongside tropical and nutty coconut
  • Ocean Air:Top notes of lemon, orange, and fresh ozone give way to a heart of briny sea salt with a hint of jasmine. Powder and light musk balance the woody violet and cedar in the base.
  • Citrus Delight:A fresh and fruity blend of Orange and Lemon with a hint of smooth, rich Vanilla
Fresh & Clean
  • Moon Glow: Fresh, powdery, soft and delicate
  • Fresh Lemon: Bright, sunny and tart, bursting with citrusy zing
  • Blue Water: Fresh, sharp, simple and very masculine
  • Cucumber Spa: A crisp and refreshing tropical blend that captures sweet juicy melon and fresh, cool cucumber. Top notes of cucumber and melon blend with middle needs of jasmine and light musk in the base.
  • Eucalyptus Mint: A sharp, clean burst of mint will awaken the senses combined with subtle Eucalyptus notes
  • Headache Relief: Fresh and bright lemon verbena blended with jasmine, a heavier white floral
  • Anti-Stress: A harmonious collaboration of calming lavender, spicy bergamot and bright orange
  • Patchouli Amber: This white musky fragrance is earthy, herbaceous and woody.